Complete Package

In an emergency you need to know you have a fully kitted first aid kit ready to use and the correct training to deal with any injuries which have occurred. At Point to Point Services our complete package ensures you always have what you need to hand.

Our complete package ensures;

  • First aid kits are always refilled
  • First aid stocks never go out of date
  • There are always suitably trained first aiders
  • You are always fully compliant with the HSE first aid regulations

This service may cost a lot less than you think, with multiple levels of cover a simple managed first aid kit for a small low risk workplace could cost from just £5 a month!! Alternatively a complete managed first aid service, including all training, risk assessments and replenished first aid kits start from just £10 a month!

Why not get in touch and let us discuss your workplace needs to find the best option for you, providing you with a free of charge, no obligation quotation.