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Non Emergency Patient Transport

Emergency Patient Transport

Non-Emergency patient transport services, also commonly known as PTS, are a method of planned transportation of patients who need transport to and from premises. Therefore, this can include various vehicle types, depending on the patients’ medical requirements.

PTS Eligibility:

  • The patient’s condition impacts their mobility when they cannot access healthcare or would be very detrimental to a patient’s condition.
  • When a patient has a medical condition requiring support or skills from PTS staff or in a situation, it would be detrimental if the patient was to travel by another means.
  • You are recognised as a guardian or parent where a child is conveyed.

PTS can additionally be provided to a patient’s carer or escort. Their skills or/and support are required (an example would be for those with mental or physical incapacity, vulnerable adults or to act as a translator.

Emergency Patient Transport