Patient Transport Services

Point to Point Services provides non-emergency patient transport services throughout the UK. Whether you are looking to attend a routine appointment, repatriation following an injury or assistance in getting to or from a care facility for respite care, we have trained and experienced crews who can assist. We can provide staff for a whole range of needs, including paramedics, nurses and ambulance technicians, ensuring the care you need throughout your journey is second to none.

We work hard to provide an affordable, reliable and professional private ambulance service. All our ambulances are operated by trained staff, and our vehicles are fully equipped to get you to your destination as comfortably and safely as possible. Specially designed for patient transport, our ambulances can take wheelchairs, stretcher or walking frames to ensure your journey is as safe as possible.

All of our staff are trained beyond the minimum expected level, trained in moving and handling, infection control and safeguarding they ensure that your journey is not only as safe as possible but that you or your loved ones are treated with the utmost respect and dignity with all of their needs met throughout their time with us, regardless of how short or long that may be.

To discuss or book a journey, please call our dedicated team now on 01568 59 29 39 or leave a message on our contact us page.

To book a patient transport journey please first contact us on 01568 59 29 39 Option 1 to discuss your requirements and to gain access to our secure booking portal.